Hybrid Cloud File Storage & Sharing

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“Cloud” has become the latest buzz word in I.T. The chances are you have heard of it, but are not really sure what it can do for your business? Our hybrid cloud solution is a great option if you require file access from more than one location.

Our hybrid cloud solution is an internet based file server that keeps you in full control of file access & security in the same way a traditional file server would. The difference with a hybrid cloud file storage solution is that a copy of your company files are kept on a internet file server (if required) and on a local file server or on network drive for fast access at multiple locations and when a file is open at one location the file is locked so no one else can access that file, preventing file conflicts, once the file has been updated or a new file is created it’s instantly sent to all other locations.

Mobile users can also have access to files either by having certain files synced to their computers for off line use or by access the files across the internet.

Files are secured using the latest encryption technology, so you can be confident that your business data is safe and secure.

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