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At Greenhouse Business Systems we pride ourselves on being one of the most innovative I.T. providers in the market, bringing some of the most advanced and innovative products available to our clients at a price that is sometimes hard to imagine. We constantly search the market for products that solve real problems and improves business productivity in a way that doesn’t affect your bottom line.


Server Redundancy & Failover

o How dependant are you on your company server?
o Ever worry about the impact a server failure could have on your company and potential loss in productivity or worse revenue?

We have the perfect solution at the right price point for a small or medium sized business. Our disaster recovery solution will take snapshots of your entire server(s) every 15 minutes and can be ready take over in the event of a server failure within 30 minutes. Snapshots can also be synced to an external drive or sent over broadband for off-site storage.

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Managed Antivirus & Content Filtering

o Can you be sure all your systems are fully protected and have up-to-date Ant-virus?
o Do you know that if a virus is detected, your users will take the correct action?
o Can your current anti-virus block access to certain websites like Facebook?

Our managed anti-virus solution takes away this uncertainty and puts us in full control of protecting your business. We are able to get a real-time overview of your network security, we will be alerted as soon as an issue arises or a virus is detected and will take the appropriate action whether this be quarantining an infected file or initiating a full system scan, all without the user’s intervention.

We can also block access to certain websites or types of websites like social site’s, eliminating unauthorised web usage and reducing the risk of miscellaneous software entering your system.


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Messaging Solutions

o Can your current messaging system synchronise your email, calendar, contacts, and tasks to multiple devises including mobile devises?
o Is your email, calendar, contacts, and tasks currently stored on a central server as well as you PC?
o Can you currently share your calendar and inbox with other people within you organisation?

We can provide a range of email messaging systems ranging from Microsoft Exchange server to Exchange alternatives with the same features as exchange server but at a fraction of the price and requiring much less maintenance. Our messaging system can provide your business with business class email, instant messaging, shared calendars, and contact management to most email clients, IM clients, web browsers and mobile devices at a fraction of the cost and IT overhead.

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Server & Network Monitoring

Our server & network monitoring solution is designed to provide us with a constant view of the health of your server(s) and network. We will be alerted to any issues that may arise and be able to spot any developing problems to resolve them before they cause any business disruption.

Server & Network monitoring is becoming a must for any company that relies on their I.T. systems allowing us to respond in a fast and proactive way.

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Cloud Backup Solutions

It goes without saying how important it is to have a reliable off-site backup solution. At Greenhouse we can provide a range of cloud backup solutions that best fit your requirements from basic cloud backup that back’s up your company data each night to an off-site location to cloud and local backup that can back up in real-time as a file is saved or changed.

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Hybrid Cloud File Storage & Sharing

“Cloud” has become the latest buzz word in I.T. The chances are you have heard of it, but are not really sure what it can do for your business? Our hybrid cloud solution is a great option if you require file access from more than one location.

Our hybrid cloud solution is an internet based file server that keeps you in full control of file access & security in the same way a traditional file server would. The difference with a hybrid cloud file storage solution is that a copy of your company files are kept on a internet file server (if required) and on a local file server or on network drive for fast access at multiple locations and when a file is open at one location the file is locked so no one else can access that file, preventing file conflicts, once the file has been updated or a new file is created it’s instantly sent to all other locations.

Mobile users can also have access to files either by having certain files synced to their computers for off line use or by access the files across the internet.

Files are secured using the latest encryption technology, so you can be confident that your business data is safe and secure.

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Other Solutions We Provide

o Hardware Supply
o Windows Server Systems
o Networking Products
o Wi-Fi systems
o Software & Licensing
o Cloud computing
o Site to Site Connections
o Security Systems
o Virtualisation

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